Opening Hours

Miami Paradox Experience Tickets

What is included:
  • Access more than 70 interactive exhibits
  • Securing the time & date for your visit
  • Being amazed for 60-90 minutes
  • A crazy good time challenging your perspective!

Combo and Event Tickets

Wynwood Fun Pass
From $56
What is included:
  • Paradox Miami: Access more than 70 interactive exhibits
  • FunDimensions: A state-of-the-art adult and family-friendly entertainment center
  • Museum of Graffiti: Exhibits, educates and celebrates graffiti artist who have transformed walls into vibrant masterpieces
Wynwood Buggies Combo
From $56
2 IN 1 PASS What is included:
  • Snap pictures and explore in style as Wynwood Buggies drives you around this vibrant neighborhood.
    Make several stops at notable murals perfect for selfies and closeups as you enjoy the street art of Wynwood first hand.
  • Next, be dropped off at the front doors of Paradox where you can explore 70+ interactive and immersive paradoxical exhibits.
    This mind-melting experience is a must-see destination where you will laugh, learn, and take endless must-share pictures.
Paint N’ Paradox
From $38
Ages 18+
  • 3 hours
  • Guests will receive 1.5 hours of a fun instructional painting class, along with 1.5 hours to explore over 70 paradox-based exhibits, that offer mind-twisting, eye-tricking experiences,making it an unforgettable combination for friends, families, and date nights
  • Canvases and Materials will be included. Guests are welcome to bring alcoholic drinks and food.

Now's The Time

Give A Once-In-A-Lifetime
Gift Of Paradox!

There’s a motto that says ‘experiences over things’ and well, Paradox is absolutely one of those things that need to be experienced. Here are a couple things to know:

  • It’ll bring big smiles on a birthday or anniversary!
  • You can customize the value amount.
  • Valid for 1 year.